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School Program 2023-24

Kathleen is passionate about supporting all people to read! She became an avid reader knowing it was the only way she could become a writer. Kathleen was diagnosed as Dyslexic as an adult and when she found a dyslexic font she made sure it was used in her Trilogy. The font allows for the readers eyes and brain to relax making reading enjoyable!

Those with Dyslexia no longer have to feel left out – it is an asset and a superpower.

FOR THE LOVE OF READING – Kathleen is offering her Trilogy to schools and libraries at the wholesale price – 40% off ! At the end of this order form you can pay via paypal which accepts all cards.We will also accept payment by check.

If you wish for her to visit your school she would be very happy to. Just click the request button below and we will get back to you.