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Writing Coach and Testimonials

Kathleen takes your book a step further. Not only does she provide original ideas and storylines based on your needs, she also creates a working map of the big picture. She guides you through every aspect of the creative process so you understand how your project presents.

Do you have a story inside you waiting to get out ?

Is writing a book a dream of yours?

l’m here to tell you the only difference between folks who want to write and those that do write lies in the Doing!  I have to wait until the kids grow up.   I need a quiet space.   No excuses accepted – I have heard them all.  I am here to make you accountable to your dream.  I am here to help you find your core strengths that will support you through the process.  I am here to help you lay out a flexible plan, a map, of your vision.  What I really think is my gift , is asking the right questions to help you build your story.

How it works

 I offer a free consultation to determine if we feel we are a fit to work together. I prefer to work with someone weekly or biweekly.  I have worked with folks once a month however I do not recommend it. 

 My fee is $250.00 for a 2.5-3 hr session. To book a consultation or for more information drop me a note through my contact page or call email arnasonk@gmail.com


Kathy has presented her amazing appreciative inquiry and communications/language identifier workshops at two of my organizations. She is a thoughtful leader ensuring everyone at the workshop has a voice and is able to contribute. The workshops are high energy and a lot of fun! The exercises she brought us through have had wonderful implications for our organization laying the ground work for a rebranding and ensuring our communications are on point. I would highly recommend any of her workshops or activities to any organization looking to find their voice. Thanks Kathy!-
Cassie Holcomb, Engagement Manager, The Bateman Foundation

Kathleen Arnason is a gifted and enthralling speaker whose passion for people and teaching shines through. It is always such a pleasure to attend a presentation by Kathleen, and so I always have the utmost confidence in inviting her to speak when planning events. Kathleen’s natural warmth and charisma make her highly relatable and quickly win over any audience.-Marilyn

“I had the absolute joy to work with Kathleen Arnason on my book,  ‘Colouring Your Dreams Come True.’ What a privilege to work with someone who truly gets what you are saying and has the expertise to reflect it back so that your material becomes new and fresh and alive. Writing can be a ‘lonely’ occupation and it’s a vulnerable thing to show someone your ‘baby’ and hope they like it and will really hear the voice behind the words on the page. Thank you, Kathleen. You are a treasure.” -June Swadron

If you are thinking about writing a book or writing anything please know Kathleen Arnason is the very best coach you can have.  Kathleen will inspire your creativity. You will be taken on a journey of extreme soul searching and she will bring out talent within yourself you never knew existed.  Kathleen coached me as I was writing my first novel, ‘The Gate’. It is a true story about abuse. There were many very difficult parts to my story and she patiently guided me through those times. The book was launched on May 11, 2016. I never dreamed I would be able to complete this work and without Kathleen, I know it would not have come to fruition.-Jan Willoughby

I have worked with Kathleen twice now. We are in the process of getting my second book published. She encourages you to dig deep into yourself and gives excellent ideas and guidance. She is an amazing mentor as well. You are fortunate to have her coaching you. – Alice Graham      

Kathleen helped take a passion and shape it into a book. She is a passionate storyteller, and is devoted at every step to help a writer get their story written and published. Kathleen was there every step of the way. When I needed to take a next step she was ready with knowledgeable, patient, and professional resources. She’s done it many times for a wide range of people therefore she knows all the angles, and is so ready to share them. – Christopher Bowers


Working with Kathleen Arnason has been a wonderful experience. I have been writing on and off for a decade now, never being able to stay focused, motivated or moving forward. Many times thinking I’d just give up.
She has encouraged me to continue. Her positive attitude and heartfelt organic soulfulness has gently nudged me along. I’ve appreciated her one on one support and guidance during the multitudes of editing nightmares and re-writes. She has made the whole process a much more pleasurable experience than a pack’em, stack’em, cookie cutter publishing company. I will be forever grateful for her enthusiasm and interest in helping me to find and keep ‘my’ voice to ‘my’ story.- Christine Henry