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Restorative Language

The art of communication is the language of leadership”

                                                                     James Humes

Course Outline:

Participants will receive an online workbook to print and will lead them through the Restorative Language Inquiry. They will identify language that represents their hopes and dreams for themselves, their future, the future of their community and the world. The Restorative Inquiry pulls from the strength of people and their ability to move forward by standing strong in their core language and actions.

Defined training objectives:

To identify participants strengths and build language that will help them effectively communicate in a positive way

Restore confidence in their ability to share their knowledge with respect and honour

Course Components:

Module 1: Core Language World View Inquiry(8 hrs)

Introduction To a Restorative Language Inquiry(1 hr)

Create questions to establish the best in a conversation (1 hr)

How to listen before speaking (1 hr)

Identifying language that best describes your world view (2 hrs)

Identifying what brings hope to your world (1 hr)

How language can restore respect (2 hrs)

Module 2: Core Language Workplace Inquiry (4 hrs)

Language representing your workplace inquiry

 Identifying common belief through language

Workplace Inquiry interviews

Module 3: Core Language Personal Inquiry & Interview (4 hrs)

Personal Inquiry language research

Writing Personal language story

Presenting the Restorative Language story

Delivery Method:

16 hours or 3 day workshop

In person, in house or online

Assessment Tools: Participants self-assess through a written personal statement

 Number of participants: 1-20

 Online – duration: 1-6 weeks  – participants unlimited