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A Personal message from Kathleen

Story is a huge passion of mine!  I started writing for my children in 1985 to capture the stories created by their beautiful, innocent, curious minds, while they played. I became the observer, the audience to their lives and life became their stage.  I realized in order to write I would have to maintain a level of vulnerability.  Capturing stories became an obsession.  I was writing stories because I loved to write.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a Canadian Best Seller ‘The Story of the Gimli Huldufolk.’

 As of 2018 I celebrate my 25th year of being a published author.

As I  reflect on the body of work I created I am overwhelmed.   I have always felt freedom to be myself.   Myself is somewhat stubborn or as I prefer to call it patient.  I am perfectly flawed in ways I have no desire to change.  I have managed the obstacle of doubt and through my tenacity I have built the courage to be wrong.

My sons have always been my inspiration and the best listeners I could ever find. I have learned through story, language and children how simple life is.  How we complicate it depends on the stories we tell ourselves and others.

In supporting children to create stories I deliver creative writing workshops in schools,  I encourage children to write stories about what they know, experiences they have had or what they can imagine.  The same advice goes for adults.

In 2000 I attended a workshop in Montreal lead by Mr. Jim Lord.  This workshop changed my life. It was based on the ‘Appreciative Inquiry‘ philosophy.  Jim took it one step further.  We learned the mining of language, looking for the gold, digging deep to support a person, company or organization’s strength.  By using this method of communication I learned how powerful and empowering remembering and telling a positive story is to the future.  It was after working with Jim my work as a listener really began.

In 2012 I went on a walkabout that changed my life.  I walked The Camino du  Santiago in Spain – it is amazing what a long walk can do for a person ❤️


Other Projects and Work

Kathleen is an Author and the Owner/President of Seena Publications & Productions, where she works as a Developmental Idea Editor and Writing Coach.  She is presently working on The Huldufolk Trilogy and is launching the first book “The Gimli Huldufolk and the Secret Lore” the first week in October 2020.

She created, developed and produced both national and international projects. She founded the Prairie Ocean Center of the Arts and during her time there produced “The Voice of the Lake”, the first of four symphonies related to humanity and the elements.

The Fountain of Peace Project took her across Canada where she met with over ten thousand Canadian middle-year school children to promote personal peace and discover the kind of world the children wanted to live in.  This project lead to ‘The World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature.’

Kathleen is a best selling Canadian Author with eleven published books and has been a storyteller for over 25 years. She worked as an Assistant and Interview Researcher for the Senate of Canada and was involved with numerous studies – Aboriginal Seniors Health Study, Women’s Menopause Health Alternatives, Manitoba Tourism and Provider Communication Marketing Study, and the Lake Winnipeg Erosion Study. All studies involved the gathering of stories from the public.  She formulated questions, honed her listening skills and mastered the ability to hold space for the storyteller.


Kathleen is the recipient of The Queen’s Jubilee Medal – presented for her work in Arts and Culture


She was also presented The Victoria Hospitality Award. (because she is really nice)