Visiting Mount Gimli with the RM of Gimli Flag

Standing looking over the vista of the Valhalla Mountain Range near to base of the Magical Majestic Mount Gimli! Here I am holding the RM of Gimli Manitoba Flag - bringing a little bit of my home town to the mountain! Mount Gimli is the location of a magical Portal in Book 2 of the Trilogy “ The Gimli Huldufolk and the Following Spell.”


The Huldufolk Picnic is held on Canada Day in Gimli, Manitoba at the Gimli Public School on 2nd Street. The Huldufolk invite everyone to join them for fun and games, Huldufolk cookies and cake!


They love cooking and playing tricks! They also love the notes and pictures the children leave in the chest up in the attic of the Old School in Gimli Manitoba. They remember every child who has made the climb up the spiral staircase to visit them ❤️


REVIEWS - from children

I enjoyed the writing and illustrations! “It was informative and had lots of interesting characters. The descriptions bring life into the characters and scenes. I liked how it took place in Winnipeg, Ireland,Gimli and Iceland. It was very cool to imagine the different environments.” -Breland Ferguson Thomas 13 years

Fjola and Freya

“I really liked the detail and description which sets a very creative scene for the readers. It is an equal blend of myth and reality.” -Madeline Ferguson Thomas 11 years “I like this story because of the fairy characters who are part of the Underground realm, known as the Huldufolk. Only children can see these fairies and listen to their stories. When the main characters, Johannes and Helgi, become adults, they no longer see the fairies or remember their stories. I think that young readers who are interested in magic and mythical creatures will enjoy this book.” Elizabeth (Elli) Moulson. She is 9 1/2.

In the Icelandic Festival Parade

I feel that The Gimli Huldufolk &The Secret Lore was made for me. It made me love to read and makes me want to find more books to read that are as exciting as this one. In my opinion the book is different from other books I have read, maybe it’s an Icelandic thing. I can’t wait for the next one! Oliver Gudbjartson’s - 11years “ Oh Momma this book is like Magic!” Taiya Brown 6 years

Sisters and Best Friends