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Story Telling Communications Training

Storytelling is the number one, most influential way to communicate information you want remembered.

This long overdue program focuses on developing high performance business communication skills for leaders in business, government, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs.

This 1 Day – 5 hour course is a prerequisite to Advanced Storytelling Communication Training.

Storytelling Communication Training provides knowledge and practice in storytelling techniques that enable participants to achieve clarity, confidence and impact.



1. Find your Why, and create your Why statement

2. Learn how to take your story from good to awesome

3. Discover the language that best describes your organization’s strengths

4. Harness your core personal strengths

5. Create the storytelling wave of tension, passion and hope

6. Learn how to bring your listener into the space

7. An introduction to Sprint Writing and Tri Writing methods


Workshop Leader: Kathleen Arnason