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Advanced Story Telling Communication

This program focuses on communication process and language. It prepares participants to facilitate storytelling within their organization, to engage others in creating and telling their own stories, thereby developing talent and reinforcing strengths organization-wide.

Participants also learn how to open conversations by developing questions that provide focus on helping learners see and appreciate how and where language and stories can uplift morale, create rapport and deepen relationships at work.
This program introduces participants to impactful public speaking opportunities that are essential in modern day communication, and provides practice in applying the storytelling method so learners can create clear, compassionate communications and presentation.

Measurable Objectives:

• Learn the key elements of effective storytelling
• Learn the language of storytelling
• Practice writing exercises to maximize engagement of the listener
• Learn to create personal stories, that when told effectively, are fun, engaging and inspirational
• Learn how to interview and ask questions to bring out the story
• Develop listening skills by listening to others stories, taking notes and providing the storyteller with a synopsis of their story
• Learn the number one retention tool used in delivery of material – an authentic, relevant, well told story that listeners will remember forever.
• Learn storytelling and writing as an effective tool and resource that builds greater confidence in your ability to interact with, impact and motivate others
• Learn how to write stories for newsletters and emails and blogs in a concise, interesting and engaging way

Course Components

Component 1- Understanding the importance of storytelling and writing as a communication tool (1 hr)

• Culture of Storytelling
  Everyone has a story to tell
  Storytelling in business
• Storytelling at home

Component 2- Inter-active connections and language (1 hr)

• How storytelling helps develop clear vision and better language
• How clear vision leads to conviction
• How storytelling and writing can communicate your vision
• How clear vision connections build the environment fully engaging trainees

Component 3- Becoming a story teller (1 hr)

• What brings authenticity to the story
• Presentation
• Introduction of self and credentials
• Personal declaration statement – synopsis of self

Component 4- Story Building (1 hr)

• Story mapping
• Character identification
• Character development
• Utilizing Senses

Component 5- Setting the stage for storytelling – Presentation (1hr)

Component 6- Authenticity, emotion, passion and feeling (1hr)

Component 7- Making your story fun and engaging (1 hr)

• Enjoying the process
• Use of gestures
• Connecting with your audience

Component 8- (2hrs)

Story presentations

Closing – (1 hr)

Delivery Method: In person or Live online
Assessment Tools: Participant evaluation is ongoing to ensure comprehension of the materials
Hours: 10
In Person – 3 day workshop
Online – duration flexible depending on the desire and availability of the participant or employer